Well, aren’t you a domestic princess!

I’ve been called many things in my life- a squirrel monkey, a clutz, a badass- but here’s a new one: a domestic princess. Last week I made a cheesecake for an Easter family gathering. I don’t think a single ingredient in this cheesecake was paleo-friendly. That being said, I ate it for breakfast and lunch the following day. A classmate noticed my “lunch”, and I commented that I made the dessert. Thus, the response: “Well, aren’t you a domestic princess.”

Domestic princessdom is one area I have not mastered, as demonstrated by an abbreviated list of things I don’t do well: wash dishes, do the laundry, iron, clean toilets, dust, regularly say  kind words to Mr. Smackhouse, serenade sweet melodies to mice, bluebirds and other woodland creatures, and all other princessy tasks a princess would attend to.  In an attempt to be crowned royalty, I am designating domestic chores to CrossFit status.  

Sunday shall be my domestic princess WOD:


10 Dishes/utensils washed (scaled for males: 3)

20 push ups

1 room vacuumed

10 pull ups

3 shirts ironed

15 Burpees

AMRAP 30 minutes

I never thought I would say this, but I would almost prefer Murph.


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