Badass of the Week #2

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I would like to honor The Fresh Meat Beat’s second featured badass: Mama Smackhouse.  My mother is probably the most energetic person you will ever meet.  She has a fetish for M&Ms, Snoopy, brightly colored objects (if it’s polka dotted + multi-colored= even better!) and a deal of any kind.  She’s smart, kind, and probably ADHD with a hint of OCD. 

I’m sure most of us take after our parents more than we care to admit- but in my case it’s probably not too bad of a thing to inherit the Mama Smackhouse traits. For every comment I get about being tough, having a lot of heart or spunk, or being suspiciously energetic- I thank my mother.  She taught me well and gave me good genes.  She is a badass- and a very brightly colored one at that.  Happy Mother’s Day tough lady.


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