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Mission Muscle Up

A Muscle-Up: the Holy Grail of all things CrossFit.  I finally achieved non-spasmatic status with my kipping pull ups, so it’s time for Mission Muscle-Up.  I’ll be working on my pull-ups and dips to make sure I have the strength, and jumping on the rings until I get one of these bad boys completed. 

My mission, should I choose to accep it, is to complete my first muscle up and then victoriously scream like a girl afterwards by the time academy is over.


Tired Robot

The best of us get tired- even robots.  Other than the moniker ‘squirrel monkey’, every so often at academy I’m called “Robot”- perhaps because I’ve traveled back in time to warn my fellow classmates of their imminent destruction, or more likely a reference to my energy- which seems to have no limits.  Oh, but it does.  

This week Robot Smackhouse was tired.  The combination of academy, CrossFit, trying to be a good friend and wife, and roller derby practices had me beat with not altogether perfect timing- as Wednesday was a preliminary physical fitness test at academy. I improved my initial scores, but felt tired the entire day:

 Scores: February/April

Situps (1 minute): 50/55

Pushups (no time limit): 61/75

300 m run: 54 sec/52

1.5 mile run: 10:40/10:14

Pullups (dead-hang): 8/8

Flexibility: 21/23.75”

Vertical Jump: 15in/19.5”

 I’m questioning my ability to “do it all”, and wondering if the skates might need to collect dust for a little while.  The feisty/determined Sookie wants to do everything, but practical Sookie thinks being healthy needs to incorporate balance. Physically, I think I could handle “doing it all”, but I want to do it with my typical spunk- and the spunk was funk this week. 

I wish I was a robot.  Robo Sookie would have dinner fixed by now, and I’d be in the company of the great robots who have come before me:


Kipping pull ups to Smackhouse, “We love you too!”

After my public love fest over kipping pull ups in my last post, here’s how they returned the favor (as CrossFit will usually do):




Smackhouse to Kipping Pull Ups- “You complete me.”

I’m hesitant to post this, but here it goes: On Friday, April 30th, 2010, I Sookie Smackhouse declare public victory over kipping pull ups.

I’ve been struggling with kipping pull ups for the 9 months of my CrossFitting experience.  I had the strength for dead hangs, but any time I attempted the kip I was told I looked spasmastic. I haven’t been complimented like that since the last time I danced publicly.

Over the last month, I finally got a pull up bar at home, and the CrossFit instructors at the academy have been extremely helpful.  Last week I completed a WOD with pull ups and realized afterwards I kipped all of them (and no one asked if I was having an epileptic attack).  I wasn’t sure if it was a fluke.  I used to dislike the people who mastered kipping pull ups with little instruction and who would then comment, “I just got it.”

I didn’t think I would just “get” kipping pull ups one day.  In fact, a world without my struggle with kipping pull ups might even be boring.  I’d stare at the pull up bar and the Batman geek in me would think, “I think you and I are destined to do this forever.” 

But today is victory day. It wasn’t a fluke. My kipping pull ups aren’t nearly perfect, but I “got” it. Today is the day I looked at the pull up bar and said, “Kill you? I don’t want to kill you. You complete me.”

Friday WOD

Pullups- 1 the first minute

2 the 2nd minute

Keep going until you can’t do no mo

16 rounds


Kipping breakthrough

Monday- Helen

400 m run

21 KB

12 pull

3 rounds- 13:16

Tuesday WOD

Clean and Jerk 1x1x1x1x1x1x1

Thursday -Barbara

20 pull ups

30 push ups

40 situps

50 air squats

5 rounds- 3 min rest after each round- 28:02 Rx (and I just might have had a breakthrough in my kipping pull ups, but I’m not ready to declare public victory over the kip just yet)

Friday WOD

Deadlift: 5x5x5x5x5 followed by 3 box jumps

155, 185, 185, 205, 205


Well, aren’t you a domestic princess!

I’ve been called many things in my life- a squirrel monkey, a clutz, a badass- but here’s a new one: a domestic princess. Last week I made a cheesecake for an Easter family gathering. I don’t think a single ingredient in this cheesecake was paleo-friendly. That being said, I ate it for breakfast and lunch the following day. A classmate noticed my “lunch”, and I commented that I made the dessert. Thus, the response: “Well, aren’t you a domestic princess.”

Domestic princessdom is one area I have not mastered, as demonstrated by an abbreviated list of things I don’t do well: wash dishes, do the laundry, iron, clean toilets, dust, regularly say  kind words to Mr. Smackhouse, serenade sweet melodies to mice, bluebirds and other woodland creatures, and all other princessy tasks a princess would attend to.  In an attempt to be crowned royalty, I am designating domestic chores to CrossFit status.  

Sunday shall be my domestic princess WOD:


10 Dishes/utensils washed (scaled for males: 3)

20 push ups

1 room vacuumed

10 pull ups

3 shirts ironed

15 Burpees

AMRAP 30 minutes

I never thought I would say this, but I would almost prefer Murph.


I’ve been bad

Friday WOD- Fight Gone Bad 

1 minute each (1 min rest after round):


Push Press

Box Jump


Sumo Dead-lift high pull

3 rounds

331 reps

 Thursday WOD

7 Kettlebell swings (1 pood)

7 Burpees

AMRAP 10 minutes

12.5 rounds

 Monday WOD

3x3x3x3x3x3x3 Power Clean (Max:85#)

I haven’t posted a paleo recipe in a while, so here you go. Mr. Smackhouse and I enjoyed a Turkey Broccoli Casserole for dinner tonight:

  • 1 lb. ground turkey
  • 10 oz bag frozen broccoli
  • salt, pepper, basil, garlic powder
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 c coconut milk
  • 1 cup sliced mushrooms
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  1. Brown ground turkey with mushrooms and onion. Season to taste with salt, pepper, basil and garlic powder. Once cooked, pour into a 9×13 pan.  Cover with broccoli.
  2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  3. Whisk 4 eggs with 1/2 c coconut milk. Add a dash of pepper and ~1 tsp salt. Pour over the turkey and bake for 25 minutes.


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