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R.I.P. Cone Family

Being vertically challenged can have it’s downsides- namely being confused for a middle school student by a hall monitor during my recent visit to Mr. Smackhouse’s school.  (You think a sixth grader could pack these guns to school? That’s a Class D felony baby!)

Another disadvantage for my 5′ 2″ figure can sometimes be driving without sitting on a telephone book.  This week in academy, first platoon had the pleasure of getting paid to drive fast and smart at Emergency Vehicle Operations training.  For every cone we hit on the course, we paid the penalty in push-ups.  My height deficiency contributed to a few snags I had in a backing weave drill–resulting in quite a few push ups throughout the week and many unexpected deaths in the cone family:

Despite the Cone family tragedy, EVO week was really enjoyable and with that phase completed the 7th IMPD Recruit Class is almost halfway through academy.


I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself

Three weeks of my police academy training are now complete! My body is bruised and beat up, but I’m completely content with my decision to move forward with this career. It’s satisfying beyond any work I’ve ever done.  My original intention was to keep this blog updated with the ins and outs of my training, but seeing as that training keeps me completely occupied, here’s a breakdown of some highlights thusfar:

I’m in the 7th IMPD Recruit Class.  Starting on day one, the class was composed of ~75 members- 10 females, 66 males, mostly Caucasian. During the first week we had 6 drop out (1 female, 5 males). At all times while at the academy we are required to carry our pink D.O.R. forms (Drop on Request).  When you want to quit, you simply sign that form, turn it into the Class Commander and walk out the door (Was I expecting a bell like in G.I. Jane? Yes. I’m still slightly disappointed this didn’t live up to my Hollywood expectations.)

My typical week starts with a 5am wake up call, arriving at academy by 0600. Our class assembles at the beginning of the day for inspection at 0700. This usually involves officers yelling for boots not being shined enough, or somebody forgetting the IMPD mission statement. Which leads to 10-15 minutes of getting smoked with pushups, leg lifts, etc.  This is followed by classes, some of which include: Combatives and Defense Tactics, Criminal Law, Tactical Communications, Community Policing, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Firearms Training, Report Writing, Canine Unit, Oral Communications. Some classes are instruction based, others are practical applications/scenarios training.  During our 5-10 minute breaks in between classes, we usually do pushups or pullups  (By the end of our training, our class as a whole must complete 10,000 pushups and 2000 pullups together. If even one person is missing- they don’t count.) The day typically ends at 1800, which I follow up with either a two hour derby practice, or 3-4 hours of homework, studying, polishing boots, ironing uniform, preparing meals for the next day.

After my 24 weeks of training, I’ll have completed 960 hours of instruction. I truly believe IMPD has one of the best training academies in the nation.  Within our 6 months, our class will complete approximately 3 years of college education, and enter the Field Training Program which further prepares us to hit the streets equipped, safe and confident.  We have Fridays off, but have “voluntary” physical training at 0900- which consisted of Fran this morning (21-15-9- Thrusters and Pull ups-65#- 5:36, my pull ups sucked- but at least I’m off the band.)

I end my week completely ready for the break, and could probably sleep a good 15 hours straight- but the weekend is when I need to catch up on other life matters- like remembering I don’t need to come to the position of attention when Mr. Smackhouse walks in a room or turn corners at strict right angles while at the grocery store.


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